Essay about Anna Hakansson Prepared For Her Business Trip

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What is your opinion of the manner in which Anna Håkansson prepared for her business trip? Could she have done a better job here? If so, how?
In my opinion, Anna’s preparation was a good jumping off point but was inadequate. While her comparison of Bahrain and Sweden using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions (Steers, 2013) and her study of the structure of Arab extended families and the role this family structure plays in the decision-making process was a good start, she failed to study up on the changing business landscape in Arab nations. In private business, the traditional paradigms of the extended family structure are eschewed in favor of a meritocracy (Steers, 2013), where traditional roles do not factor in so heavily. Had she focused some of her research on the structure of global businesses in the MENA region, she would have had a better picture of the environment she was walking into and understand the contradictions within the local culture.

Using the materials from Chapter 3 and the text Appendix concerning Hofstede’s cultural model, how would you describe the cultural environments in both Sweden and Bahrain?
According to Hofstede’s cultural model, Bahrain would be classified as a short-term oriented (past and present focused that values tradition), high femininity, high power distance, uncertainty avoiding culture that places the interests of the group over the interest of the individual (Steers, 2013, Exhibit 3.3). By contrast, Hofstede’s model would classify…

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