Animals As A Food Resource Essay

1777 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 8 Pages
Nearly twenty three million animals are killed each day for food, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The majority of the reported twenty three million animals are raised under atrocious conditions, mutilated without pain relief, transported long distances in grimy containers, and finally slaughtered amid the squalor of the abattoir (Francione, 109). The issue that lies before us is not the use of animals as a food resource; it is the inhumane conditions the animals are forced to endure up to their time of death and the suffering that comes along with that. This brutal suffering has allowed agriculture to become one of the most cost effective and profitable industries in the world. While the economic expense of treating animals fairly during their lifespan is becoming more and more costly, profiting off of the suffering of animals is not morally sound. Specifically, cattle and poultry are the most brutalized livestock in the United States; however, this harsh treatment could be minimized by the instillation of new regulations within both family farms and corporate farms regarding the use of antibiotics within these animals, the living conditions of these animals, and the methods of care taken towards these animals. Not only will these changes improve the quality of life for these animals by reducing their amount of suffering, but it will also improve the quality of meat humans are consuming—therefore, this proposal will not only benefit the animals, it…

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