Animals Are Living Beings And Non Human Beings Essay

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Not Just a Test

Animals are living beings, different yet similar to humans in many ways. Skin texture, teeth size, four legs instead of two, gills instead of lungs, and tails are some of the differences between human beings and non-human beings. These traits are physical, but once we dig deeper we can find great similarities. Some animals, such as primates, share many characteristics with us; they are the most cognitively aware of the animal kingdom, putting their intelligence in the same range with that of humans. Chimpanzees, along with others of the sort, have learned to communicate via sign language with not only others like themselves, but with humans also. Often, animals at the lower end of the food chain tend to get less recognition for their intelligent behavior. Rats learn very quickly, sometimes only being shown once how to retrieve food they will perform the task without fail on their first attempt.
Domesticated animals have been known to have therapeutic effects on their human companions, relieving stress by putting the human at ease in rather high stress situations.
Rodents: rats and mice, develop at a faster rate than humans, so after a few days of life they are already about three weeks old compared to a human baby. These familiar ways of animals are a prime reason scientists choose to study them. Animal testing has different degrees, ranging from behavioral study to chemical testing. Animals are tested for the benefit of humans, and are…

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