Animals And The Animals Of Animals Essay

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All species of animals have their own unique feature that helps them live in their own environment. These features can often become a danger to these animals when the thing that makes them unique catches the attention of human beings. This then prompts people to capture, hunt, kill, eat, torture, sell and buy these creatures. The need for humans to exploit every creature they can get their hands on, is an unfortunate habit that the world will not see stopping anytime soon. The results of this is animals start becoming endangered or even worse if left unchecked extinct. There are of course people who try to protect these animals and setup organizations to help keep them from being hunted or forced from their homes. Also corporations destroy animal’s habitats for their personal gain and the expansion of industry and business.
Of all the different kinds of animals in the world under constant attack from humans the one animal that stood out to me the most was the pangolin. A mammal that behaves similarly to an ant eater, yet this is the only mammal to be fully covered all over its body in scales. Much of this mammal’s activities are seen only at night so it is nocturnal because that’s how animals that are most active at that time of the day are classified. Not to mention this little guy is not too big on roaming around in a pack so it is a bit of a loner. This creature stands on four legs and range from twelve to thirty-six inches long and can vary in weight depending on its…

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