Animals And Humans : Animals Essay

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Animals and humans seem to be a completely different species. Growing up, children are taught that animals are entirely unlike humans, and that they are an inferior species even though humans evolved from apes and chimpanzees. However, we are not very different. Humans need nutrients to survive; animals need food as well. Water is a necessity for animals and humans alike. Both have an intrinsic need to procreate in order to keep the species going. Nonetheless, there is one essential difference. Human beings are the only animals that can self-reflect, while non-human animals rely solely on instinct.
Animals can be taught to do almost anything a human being can do. However, they cannot assess that they are alive. A chimpanzee, the human’s closest animal relative, can be taught to act just like any other human being, and do what is thought to be a human characteristic. They can learn how to eat with utensils, how to plug numbers in a computer, and even learn how to use tools. However, they cannot reflect on what they are doing. They do not know that by eating with proper utensils they are using their table manners, which is much more polite. They cannot assess how plugging in numbers into a computer can give you certain data, and that those numbers stand for something. Lastly, they do not understand that tools can build skyscrapers. This is because they cannot place themselves outside of their body and self-assess what they are doing. They do not realize that in performing…

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