Animal Training Methods And Their Effectiveness Essay

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Research Outline
Issue: Animal training methods and their effectiveness in terms of safety and success in producing desired outcomes.
Thesis: Positive reinforcement training (PRT) is more effective in animal training than other traditional methods of training as it promotes obedience through a trusting relationship, reduces stress on the animal, and benefits the well-being and safety of both animal and trainer.
I. Introduction: Widely used animal training techniques have varied from making an animal comply with force or sedation, to dominance training and reinforcement training.
1. Provide a brief history of animal training and why it is necessary.
II. Claim: There has been much speculation about the most effective training methods for different types of animals, and training philosophies have shifted throughout the years.
1. Discuss social change and public awareness around animal welfare.
2. Maslow’s hierarchy: need for safety and security.
3. Provide examples of different animal training techniques. Discuss John B. Watson, Edward Thorndike and B. F. Skinner training philosophy.
III. Claim: Two techniques are most common in dog training: the dominance method, and the positive reinforcement method.
1. Provide personal examples.
2. Discuss dominance training and PRT in detail and what they consist of.
3. Provide secondary research and speculation.
IV. Claim: Dominance training is utilized for lab animals and the forceful methods used create unnecessarily high levels of…

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