Animal Testing: Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

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According the Humane Society International, “It is estimated that more than one hundred and fifteen million animals worldwide are used in laboratory experiments each year.” (Humane Society International, 2016, para. 3). Some are forced to inhale toxic fumes while others are immobilized, these are just examples of the many ways animals are “tested” on. (“Should animal testing be banned? |,” 2016, para 9). Most of the animals usually die from the tortuous acts, while the ones that live suffer. Many Doctors believe that animals have similar attributes to humans and can help us figure out how to cure diseases. Animal testing is not a new concept and has been going on for nearly a century. Does animal testing really benefit
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“There are also many other alternatives like human-patient simulators, computer modeling, and In-vitro testing.” (Alternatives to Animal testing, 2016, para. 1). These could be even better alternatives because some contain human cells. Many different tissue models can be used to test products safely and can take the chemical abuse better than a living subject. “If that is not enough the human-patient simulators breath, bleed, convulse, talk, and can even “die” like a human” (Alternatives to Animal testing, 2016, para. 10). The most complex systems can simulate diseases and illnesses, but have the correct biological …show more content…
5). If vaccines had not been tested on animals, millions of animals could have died from feline leukemia, rabies, distemper, hepatitis, and many other diseases. Animal testing has even saved some endangered species like the koalas that had become infected with chlamydia, in some regions of Australia. Humans even used animals to find a way to cure glaucoma.
To provide insight, researchers assure the public that they treat animals humanely. Scientists and researchers claim that the animals they use for testing care cared for by veterinarians. When animals are in crowds they can become stressed out and would produce inconclusive test results. At some medical centers even let their test subjects go out for walks, and even have toy rotation programs so each animal gets playtime. Some of the animals are also kept in open enclosures a type of animal sanctuary so they get a sense of

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