Animal Rights Should Be Free From Hunting, Medical Research, And Industrialized Farming

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Animal rights are beliefs that animals should be free from hunting, medical research, and industrialized farming. Despite popular belief, the resources animals are used for are not evil. In fact, the use of animals in medical research has been a main contributor to life saving cures and treatments. Although pets can make their way into the family, what happens to the other animals? Most people find animal testing, hunting, and industrialized farming to be inhumane, but should the world have to struggle to find new ways to support its people just so an organism without the same capabilities as humans be free to roam as they please? Additionally, there is a difference between wanting animals to have rights and being concerned about the welfare of animals. When thinking of the animal kingdom it is important to keep in mind the benefits they bring to the modern era, for example, medical research and food. Even though animal rights and suffrage has been a problem for hundreds of years the spark of modern interest in the state of animal rights seemed to ignite with Australian philosopher, Peter Singer. Regardless of scientific evidence that humans share a lot of qualities with that of a chimp and close to other animals, there is a line to be drawn at intellectual levels. Animals can be trained to act as humans, but that does not mean they should be treated as equals. Damon Linker’s article in The Week titled, “No, Animals Don’t Have Rights,” discusses the, perhaps, “intellectual…

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