Animal Rights Vs Animal Welfare

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Summarize: The main discussion of this article is the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. Animal rights mean animals should live in the wild without people trying to interfere. Most animals are born in the wild with a natural instinct for survival. Much like humans, they should be able to choose the area where they live, sleep, and search for their food. Many people aren’t willing to acknowledge that animals feel pain and suffer too. Animal welfare was set up to protect animals from any physical harm done by humans such as abuse, experiments, etc. Unlike, animals rights activist, animal welfare activist sometimes support animal testing as long as the animal is cared for, fed, and treated well. On the other hand, rights activist …show more content…
The source can be used to help those understand the terms and laws regarding animal rights and animal welfare.
Summarize: The main topic of this source is that animals with higher levels of intelligence should have rights. Wise and the team of wise are trying to accomplish their goal of getting awareness of animal cruelty and animals rights to choose, in the aspect that they should have the right to live freely. Wise’s argument focuses on four chimpanzees used for entertainment purposes. He believes these animals shouldn’t be owned and should be freed to a sanctuary. Wise even filed a suit on behalf of the chimps. Topics in this article are that animals need equally. This article is about animal equally.
Assess: This source is useful. It compares to other sources by explaining the way we’re treating animals is wrong. The information for this reference is reliable. This source is objective. The goal of this source is to encourage people to treat animals
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This reference is comparable in quality and detail of information to other sources discussing equality of animal and human rights. This information is reliable. This source is objective. The goal of this reference is to educate people on the fact that animals should have human rights.
Reflect: The source is helpful. This reference helps shape an argument by giving facts about the topic regarding animal rights and why animals should have rights equal to humans. This source can be used to help educate someone on animal rights and why they are essential to society.
Summarize: This article makes a compelling argument for advancing animal rights. The argument rallies for the changes to dogfighting laws, provisions for companion animals, and protecting farm raised animals. It's believed that stouter penalizes be into place for people involved in dog fighting events. If people watching and gambling on the dogs would be more punished like the owner's such events might be alleviated. The author believes that provisions for companion animals should be made if the request is reasonable there should be laws against animal farms. Animals on these farms are hand feed, so, therefore, they are trusting of humans. It is believed to be inhumane to raise them this way for hunting purposes. Animal rights lobbyists desire law to prevent people from committing these actions. Topics discussed in this article are dogfighting, provisions for companion animals, hunting

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