Animal Rights At Their Peril Essay

1215 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Many people have explored racism and they have given more importance to this term rather than giving more importance to speciesism. Speciesism is a term that should be taken more seriously because it has a meaning of discrimination against animals. Although racism is a big problem, speciesism should be taken more seriously due to all the horrible things animals have to deal with, because, animals are being ignored, animals are being abused, and animals are being excluded from their habitat. As though many people would consider animals as useless creatures, that’s why people are supporting racism and giving more importance to racism because they think that supporting animals is pointless. In this society racism is a big term because of all these current events such as shootings, beatings, and arresting of different ethnicities. Due to this racism, speciesism is a word that is being ignored in this society. In the article “Farms Ignore Animal Rights at their Peril,” they describe how farmers ignore the animals and how farmers are not showing care for the animals and just leave the animal to live on its own. “The pigs had been kept in conditions that caused them to develop painful ailments, which prevented them from standing normally. However, they were kept alive when euthanasia could have alleviated their suffering” (Animal Australia). This quote explains how the pigs were kept in horrible conditions and being ignored until it is time for them to be in the process…

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