Animal Rights : Animal Protection Against Captivity Essay

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Animal rights is the philosophy of allowing non-human animals to have the most basic rights that all sentient beings desire. Since the human race created rights, they made themselves a bigger priority. Animals are defensive less and are controlled by humans to ensure their rights. There are laws to protect animals but not enough. Animals need more protection against captivity, cosmetic testing, and illegal hunting to live a natural life. Animals deserve to be treated respectfully and live peacefully.
Animal protection against captivity has become a larger subject to the world. The film “Blackfish” shows how orcas in Sea World are not meant to be stuck in aquariums and can be dangerous for the mammal. The largest orca tank in the world is less than one ten-thousandth of one percent (.0001%) the size of the smallest home range of wild orcas (Captive orcas). Orcas need a larger environment to thrive and live as they would in the wild. Captivity causes stress and bad health, therefore contributes to the elevated morality in orcas. These animals go through psychological and physical trauma from the lifestyle they are stuck in. For example, visiting the zoo disturbed me on how tiny the living spaces were. Zoos help damaged animals who cannot survive on their own but most animals are for human visualization. The unnatural manmade environment will not give wild animals their full physical and mental needs. Animals should not be held for entertainment. Dolphins are taught to do…

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