Animal Farm Essays

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In ANIMAL FARM, Orwell shows how both the leaders and the followers in a society can act in ways that destroy freedom and equality. Choose one leader and one follower from the novel and explain how the behavior of each contributes to the loss of freedom and equality on Animal Farm.

Step 1 List the various leaders of Animal Farm. Looking back through the novel, find several examples of actions the leaders take that curtail the rights of the animals. Then decide which leader you want to focus on in your paper and answer the following questions about that leader. A. What specific actions does the leader take that destroy freedom and weaken equality on Animal Farm? List at least five
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Each paragraph should first explain the behavior of the character, giving examples from the story. Then each should explain how the behavior contributes to the loss of freedom and equality on Animal Farm.

Follow the Leader!



Decide on the order in which you want to discuss the two characters. You may want to emphasize the behavior that you think contributes most to the loss of freedom and equality. The final point that is discussed in a paper usually receives the most emphasis, but you can make either order work by using clear topic sentences and clear transitions between the two body paragraphs. Also think about the relationship between the two characters. If the behavior of the follower is a response to the behavior of the leader, for example, you may need to discuss the behavior of the leader first. Step 4 Write a thesis statement for your paper that names the two characters you plan to discuss, emphasizes a type of behavior, and states the consequences of their behavior. What conclusion can you draw about your characters after examining the evidence from the novel? Be sure your thesis statement names the characters in the order they will be discussed in your paper.

1. In your introductory paragraph, give enough background information about the plot to make your paper clear to someone who has not read the novel. Also tell what your paper will be about. If you wish, you can make a

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