Animal Cruelty And Human Violence Essay

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An animal is abused every ten seconds in the United States (ASPCA). Animal cruelty includes a large range of behaviors towards animals, including neglect and brutal killings. Animal cruelty and human violence contain similar characteristics; both victims are living beings, feel pain, and can die from the abuse. Animal abuse cases have risen over the years and so have studies about childhood animal abuse as a gateway activity for later antisocial behavior. These antisocial behaviors include: heavy drug use, violent outburst, family cruelty, and murder. Most of the case studies come from examining children who commit animal abuse, even though adults cause many animal abuse cases.
The nation does not have any strong legalization to prevent animal abuse. Most states treat animal cruelty too leniently and the offenders usually go on to commit other violent crimes. If the nation did not take animal abuse as lightly as they do, then we could avoid a lot of problems. For example, Albert DeSalvo (The Boston Strangler) as a child would strangle kittens and rabbits that he would find. Strangling those animals gave him a rush that he wanted to feel with a bigger victim. Because of this, he tortured and killed thirteen women (Goleman). Evidence has proven that animal abuse many times leads to human violence, and as a nation, we should stop treating animal cruelty so leniently and start addressing this problem by changing the laws so young perpetrators who commit these crimes do not get…

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