Animal Consciousness - Paper

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Animal Consciousness In “The Problem of Animal Consciousness: Do Horses Gallop in Their Sleep?” Matt Cartmill argues that concsciousness does not only contribute to humans, but to non-humans as well, animals. Consciousness has been prescribed as a human experience in spite of all of the evidence that has been showed that animals have consciousness. Philosophers and scientists believe that consciousness has no evolutionary history, because they think that humans are the only creatures that have it. Because nonhuman animals lack some mental abilities, we regard them as property, the only moral constraint that we observe on our use of other animals is an obligation not to make them suffer. But who is to say that animals don't have …show more content…
But many philosophers and scientists think otherwise. While some do not want to appear sentimental, others are afraid to accept the possibility of mental and moral states in animals for professional and/or philosophical reasons. Many thinkers have gone further and insisted that because animals can't talk, their mental lives are nonexistent. Also many professionals have been reluctant to grant that animals can have mental lives because they are not good at operating signs. Not to forget, philosophers and scientist don't acknowledge that animals feel pain because they feel like animals don't suffer the same pain like we humans do, maybe that's the reason we could eat them without thinking about the torture they been through in order for us to have them on our plate. Most scientists will admit that our close animals relatives probably have mental lives like ours, but most are too afraid to say it true. This may be true that animals aren't physical like humans, but animal brains think somewhat close to humans. Despite the conspicuous differences in sight, feel, and smell between a human body and a dog's, a dog will react the same to both human and it's own species the same way if it was happy or sad. When you tell a dog to come here, it comes. Philosophers and scientists believe that animals learn by a human observer, but this is not true because their are many wild animals that learn from each other

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