Anglo-Saxon Hero vs. Modern Day Hero Essay

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The Anglo- Saxons had Beowulf. The Greeks had Ulysses. The Americans had Paul Bunyan. Every culture has its own hero, and each hero has many different qualities that make them stand out from the rest. Beowulf is the representation of an Anglo- Saxon hero and Thor is the reflection of a modern day hero. Although both of these men are known as heroes they each possess different characteristics that allow them to gain this title. In the epic poem Beowulf and the modern film Thor, the hero reflects the values and traits of his culture. To understand the famous Anglo- Saxon hero Beowulf, one must understand the culture that created Beowulf. The Anglo- Saxons were influential, strong, and loyal people. Research has found that, “the Anglo- …show more content…
He shows that he is an unselfish man in this movie; in dialogue with his conniving brother Loki, Thor says “Brother forgive me for whatever wrong I did to you. But these people are innocent; taking their lives will change nothing. So take mine” (Thor). He is willing to die in order to save people that he does not even know. He also shows that he does not

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