Anger Management Paper

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Client is a seventeen year old Caucasian male who has been referred by The Department of Human Services for post juvenile detention release for intensive in-home treatment. Client has been charged with grand larceny, fire arm possession, and assault and battery; the charges are pending due to completion of post release criteria. Client was observed with calm mood and direct eye contact. The client’s speech was fluent with appropriate tone. The client answered social worker’s questions open with precise details. The client appeared relaxed in home environment around mother and siblings. The client explained the history of his circumstances that led to his arrest. The client explained he was diagnosed with ADHD since he was 4. He advanced in …show more content…
The social worker will focus on a Cognitive Behavioral Approach by challenging the client’s distorted mental schemas that trigger negative behaviors. The social worker will introduce the new skill and allow the client to practice the skill with family and friends. Once the client has demonstrated mastery for the skill the social worker will introduce a new skill. During the first hour, the client was introduced to the skill of recognizing the underlying emotions associated with the anger. The social worker presented the Volcano portion of the anger management curriculum to the family unit. The family is encouraged to recognize and express the emotion before it is displayed as anger as needed daily. The second skill that was introduced was the anger meter scale, which displays levels of anger from 0-10; 10 are the highest. The client was introduced to the psychoeducation symptoms associated with anger and that increasing levels on the Anger Meter Scale can perpetrate violence and violent outburst. The client is encouraged to recognize daily where he is on the scale and to take a one hour time-out for decreasing symptoms associated with anger as

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