Angela Davis And The Black Panther Movement's Rights Movement

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Angela Davis, the writer, scholar and activist, advocates for oppressed people of the world, mainly people of color. Angela Davis was born on January 26, 1944, in Birmingham, Alabama, and is recognized as an essential activist for social issues. Growing up in Alabama, she knew the four girls that were killed in the Birmingham church bombing of 1963; therefore, she experienced racial prejudice and discrimination firsthand. She studied philosophy at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, and during her graduate studies, she joined several organizations, namely, the Black Panther Party and was an active communist.
Thus, she ran into a few woes within the school administration due to her involvement within the communist party. A warrant
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Angela Davis was a part of the threat and therefore, along with the Black Panther Party, they were defused. Angel Davis is an activist of political change, which was threatening to the American government. However, she saw the constant degradation of Black and Brown people, since she experienced the oppression throughout her life corresponding to her gender, race, and class. Thus, Davis’ refusal to accept the American policies led to her incarceration. She spoke heavily on the resistance that was transpiring throughout the world, whereas, such movement was overpowering the government’s …show more content…
Therefore, welfare forms contributed to the political policy. The war on poverty is a war on racism, as minority groups are located in urbanized communities that isolate them from mainstream society. A person’s social class also defines their existence in the public as they try to achieve success in American society. However, there will always be a war on poverty, as American society is built on oppressed people staying below the poverty line. Mainstream America never intended to eliminate poverty because the country excels from poverty. “Poverty creates minimum wage jobs that keep people from earning a higher position and poverty can be an issue of education” (Davis). However, poverty cannot be addressed, as technology has changed the impact, which resulted in the loss of jobs. Technology may make people’s lives easier; however, it is creating more poverty because of the lack of work. There is an internationalization of poverty, whereas, the dominant culture exploits the people that are in poverty, which is another form of

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