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By making the stories different to the traditional story, the readers are able to understand that even though they do not read the same as the traditional story, the moral is still the same. “The wolf is carnivore incarnate, when he had finished with her, he licked his chops and quickly dressed himself” this quote has been appropriated from the traditional red riding hood story, but is much darker and meaningful in a way then the traditional story. I have found that the appropriations have a much deeper meaning than the story everyone knows about red riding hood. The appropriations are also un-traditional as the focus more on the wolf than little red riding hood herself.

Atmosphere is one of the first techniques you notice when reading Carter’s appropriations of Little Red Riding Hood. The dark atmosphere creates a sense of fear and unease, whilst making the reader want to continue on with the story and know what happens. By ‘messing’ with the atmosphere of the story readers are able to appreciate the traditional stories quiet moral and less exciting story line. “Terrible sequins stitched suddenly” is a description of the wolf’s eyes and makes the reader worried about what he may look like, which creates a dark atmosphere, in which the reader wants to move on and continue reading but at the same time notice the description of the wolf being vicious but drawn in at the same time. By creating an intense atmosphere, carter has
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