Essay On Aneurysm

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Aneurysm is a common disease affecting about half of the world population, mostly find in men.
Aneurysm origin is usually the walls of the blood vessels or the branches of the arteries. As the
Aneurysm grows it tends to get larger in the walls of the arteries which can cause discomfort.
There are two main types of aneurysm: cerebral aneurysm and aorta aneurysm. An aneurysm can be diagnose with .Regular screening or x-ray, and once taken place, the doctor can determine if surgery is needed to take Place or if you can watch and wait how it processes throughout the body. Key word: Aneurysm, arteries,

Coming from the Greek work aneurysm meaning to dilate. The disease was discovered by Jean Martin Charcot and Charles Joseph Bouchard. The two French physicians studied the disease closely. An aneurysm is better explained as
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You can either watch and wait to see how to aneurysm can grow or if you need to take further steps to treat it or your doctor might advise you to take it surgically treated depends on how big it is and how fast it is growing. The watch and wait method include an ultrasound every 6 to 12 months .The patient will be asked to stay aware of any discomfort and report it immediately to their doctor. Any aneurysm bigger than 2.2 inches require surgery. Endovascular is another safer way to remove an aneurysm. A graft (a woven tube covered tube with a metal mesh supporting it) is inserted in a catheter which goes in and threaded up into the aorta. The mesh is place at the location of with pins and small hooks. The graft helps the aorta gain some strengths and the graft can also stop the aneurysm from growing or rupturing. It is one of the fastest recoveries and has very few complications to it. The patients going under a recovery from aortic aneurysm surgery have been improved since the last 10

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