Essay on Andy Stone 's Speech On Science Fiction

794 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Coming from a person who isn’t a big Science-Fiction fanatic, the way Andy Stone gave his speech over Science-Fiction movies, instantly made me feel giddy like a little girl on Christmas morning. The way Andy Stone started off his speech talking about Christmas first had me questioning his thought process, but after he made it flow into the rest of his introduction, which lead him into his body points about Science-Fiction. He also had a great thesis that helped the receivers understand what his speech was going to be about. Not only does Andy make this a beneficial informative speech with specific examples and statistics, but with the humor he adds in makes it a speech everyone needs to listen to whether you are a Science-Fiction lover or not. Andy’s first point covered the causes of Science-Fiction. He begins his paragraph by moving a couple steps to tell the audience that he will be talking about his first point. After moving a couple steps, he begins by listing the two causes of Science-Fiction. “First it’s creative capacity and second it’s a money machine,” this helps with the layout of this bullet point. He gives some specific statistics which helps make the speech more informative, but then he balances the boring statistics with a sprinkle of humor. When Andy made the gun sound effects it instantly made his speech comical and relatable. Even a person who isn’t a fan of Science-Fiction could make the connection as to what he was referring to. An important aspect of…

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