Andy Stone Science Fiction Speech Analysis

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Coming from a person who isn’t a big Science-Fiction fanatic, the way Andy Stone gave his speech over Science-Fiction movies, instantly made me feel giddy like a little girl on Christmas morning. The way Andy Stone started off his speech talking about Christmas first had me questioning his thought process, but after he made it flow into the rest of his introduction, which lead him into his body points about Science-Fiction. He also had a great thesis that helped the receivers understand what his speech was going to be about. Not only does Andy make this a beneficial informative speech with specific examples and statistics, but with the humor he adds in makes it a speech everyone needs to listen to whether you are a Science-Fiction lover or not. Andy’s first point covered the causes of Science-Fiction. He begins his paragraph by moving a …show more content…
The way he changed his tone of voice, used a few slight when necessary, and added humor in each paragraph to keep listeners interested, made the speech feel more alive. The way he finished his speech was something I wasn’t expecting. When the theme song to Star Wars came on it instantly made the speech more powerful. I liked the way repetition was a key factor in his conclusion as he covered over his bullet points one last time. Not only did he do a good job writing his speech, but the way he presented it made it feel like I was in a Science-Fiction movie. His facial expressions helped the receiver understand the humor better. If he would have had a straight face the entire piece the audience wouldn’t have laughed. While he maintained to give awesome facial expressions, he managed to keep his speech conversational. I think we could all take tips from Andy Stone and the way he delivered his speech. By watching this video you could tell he didn’t write that speech in one day. Practice was a key factor in this piece and I think it is the one tip we could all take with

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