Andrew Jackson 's Influence On Nineteenth Century American Politics

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Andrew Jackson had an influence on nineteenth-century American Politics and that influence still reigns today. Jackson’s political views were in some ways considered controversial. He was for democracy and the people having the power, he felt strongly that the national bank should be eradicated, and he was for the Indian Removal and keeping the U.S. citizens safe. These would have been considered controversial because some of the political decisions he would make had could have more than one interpretation or more than one way to view them. This made them debatable to many people of the United States. Andrew Jackson was very much for the idea of democracy. He was all for the people having the power in their hands and this was proven by the political decisions he made and the opinions he voiced. In a document about Jackson someone claimed, “He proceeded from the (idea) that all offices-whether appointed or elected-must ultimately fall under the absolute control of the people.” By Jackson believing in the idea of the people having control of the officers in office,he also was one to strongly feel that each officer should have a limited time in office. Moreover, Jackson was all for the soldiers getting a vote as well. He wrote a letter to Dr.Bronough and in that letter he states, “If the soldiers should be admitted to vote, you are safe, the army will stick by you…” To conclude, it is very evident just from these two quotes alone that jackson is the all about the people…

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