Andrew Jackson Was A Controversial President Essay

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Andrew Jackson was a very controversial President. There are multiple positives and negatives to Andrew Jackson. Andrew is America’s great worst President. I am going to discuss and tell you if you he was a good or bad President is his term from March 4, 1829- March 4, 1837. Before Andrew Jackson was President, he had nine slaves. By the time he was a President he had nearly 150 slaves. He was given the title of an Elite Planter. Andrew Jackson had many negatives in his life. One of the most infamous things he has done was the Indian Removal Act in May 28, 1830. The Indian Removal Act was a negotiation stating if the Indian tribes would get out of the territory west of the Mississippi they would get their ancestral homelands back. Native Americans though were given money because of they were treated poorly. This was not treated fairly. The Cherokee tribe were relocated and given land in Georgia. During this time, gold was being found there and the white people wanted their land back. They took this to Court and the Court favored the Cherokee. Andrew Jackson and Congress made the Native Americans to give up their land which again was unfair. Andrew Jackson sent in troops to “escort” all 15,000 Native Americans. They would lead them to their new land. They were tortured on this trail and a little less than half of the Native Americans died. They were given no water or food. This is known as today as the Trail of Tears. Another military decision Andrew Jackson had made was…

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