Essay about Andrew Carnegie, The Titan Of The Steel Industry

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Although much has changed since the nineteenth century, the idea of what makes an American truly great has not. When speaking about the nature of Americans at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in 2011, our president explained that “[Americans] don 't expect others to do for us what we can do for ourselves”. This ideal has remained true since well before the nineteenth-century, when determination was the only catalyst for change. The greatest example of this determination was the rags to riches story of the Scottish-American immigrant that completely transformed America’s society and economy. Andrew Carnegie, the Titan of the Steel Industry, had considerable impacts on American society in the late nineteenth century. He contributed to society by bringing America to the forefront of international production and revolutionizing American philanthropy.
Carnegie had astonishing impacts on the economy and industry of his time that would change America’s role in the global economy for a century to come (Lapsansky-Werner, Levy, Roberts, & Taylor 193). Steel was undoubtedly useful. Steel’s hardness along with its hefty load capacity, flexibility, and tensile strength made steel far more useful than any metal yet invented for nearly every application. Once Carnegie made the material readily available, steel was used in just about everything from infrastructures like railroads, buildings, and bridges to small products like tableware, farming tools, handguns, appliances, and…

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