Andrew Carnegie And Bill Gates Essay

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There are many people in this world that aspire for riches and power, but very few ever attain this sweet dream. This dream happened to be achieved by two men who got to that level of success by doing what they love, and making sure they were the best at it. Considering how both Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates are derived from different beginnings. They both embraced life’s challenges and made the decisions necessary to, one, become the wealthy men they desired to be, and two, not forget about those in need, through charity work.

In a small town named Dunfermline, Scotland, on November 25, 1835, Andrew Carnegie was born in the small gray stone cottage on Moodie Street. His father was a weaver, just like two-thirds of the population of Dunfermline, and so, of course, Andrew was destined to be a weaver as well. Andrew did find a sort of affinity towards weaving, and really saw beauty in it. “Andrew would sit for hours watching his father create shimmering images of birds, leaves, flowers, and fruit on the linen fabric” (Simon 16). This appreciation for weaving would’ve caused Andrew to be a weaver himself, if not for the steam-powered textile factories. These factories affected Will Carnegie’s business so much so that the family decided it was to time follow their family to the United States for work. In America Andrew went right to work by getting a job operating a spindle in a factory. Andrew had clearly began developing a need to climb the ladder to better and better…

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