Andrea Meets The Qualifications As Experiencing Illness Anxiety Disorder

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Andrea meets the qualifications as experiencing illness anxiety disorder, which is when a “person is preoccupied with thoughts about having or getting a significant illness” when “in reality, person has no, or at most, mild somatic symptoms” (114). This causes the person to be highly anxious about being sick or even dying from a fatal disease for longer than six months, and displays unduly high number of health-related behaviors,” which can be disruptive to other aspects of their life. Some of these symptoms, which she all meets, include Andrea suddenly becoming gravely concerned or worried by emotionally provoking thoughts, such as her parents dying in a car crash, that will consequently ruin her ability to focus on other tasks throughout the rest of her day. While her symptoms first started occurring during adolescence, they finally reemerged again as an adult, while Andrea was married with her first child. As her due date began to approach, her anxieties over her own health, along with the health of her son, only intensified. She was beginning to visit the doctor’s office more frequently, and these thoughts would only subside after her doctor’s reassurance that everything was fine, which sometimes took several visits to achieve. She became obsessed with mild symptoms that she would always attribute to some life altering illness, like a pimple on her neck or the finding of a projection on the back of her head, which had always been there. She would read about illness and…

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