Andragogy: Adult Learning Theory

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The more information and knowledge adult educator’s gain regarding how best to reach, teach, and enrich the lives of adult learners, the better equipped, effective, and successful they can become as adult educators. Merriam (2008), echoes this view in her claim that;
“Whether we are assisting adults in preparing for the GED, coaching executives in a Fortune 500 company, or demonstrating a new agricultural technique in a developing country, the more we know about how adults learn the better we are able to structure learning activities that resonate with those adult learners with whom we work” (p. 93).
For this reason, the objective of this paper is to present a brief overview of Andragogy (Adult Learning Theory); offer how learning
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In addition, the opportunity to learn this information has led to a personal reflection in how transformational learning occurs and how best to utilize teachable approaches where adult learners can experience the same transformation through learning. Shuler, & Keller-Dupree (2015) resonate my opinion of teachable approaches to adult transformational learning by acclaiming, “through the use of transformational learning experiences, they became more in touch with the past and present struggles they had encountered in their life journeys, (p. 157). Lastly, through this acquired knowledge an even greater appreciation progressed for adult learners within the various cultures explored. This contributed to my views involving the necessity for the existence of an open dialogue of sharing cultural experiences in the learning environment, as each adult learners’ culture has a unique set of lived experiences by which we can all gain value from

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