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Chapter 3: Ancient Greek Civilization

1. During the Mycenaean civilization, who was the great poet and what were his two important literary works that influenced the Greeks and formed part of Western literature? Homer, The Iliad, The Odyssey

2. In a period known as the Dark Ages from 100 B.C. to 800 B.C., life reverted to simpler forms and people lived in relative isolation.

3. The period from the 9th to the 6th century B.C. is known as the Archaic Age during which the Greek kings were deposed by oligarchies (rule of a few who have power and wealth) of wealthy warriors, and the city-states or polis emerged.

4. A typical Greek city-state would have a fortified hilltop known as the acropolis and the city market would be located
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28. Explain why these four Hellenic philosophical schools, Stoic, Epicureans, Cynics, and Skeptics did not offer any solutions or encouraged people to make reforms to solve their problems.


29. What are four important characteristics of the Greek cultural achievement?

Aréte, Idealism, Economy of Style, Amateurism

30. In what ways was the art of the Greeks different from the arts of other people and eras of antiquity?

Greeks art was different from other arts of other people and eras of antiquity because it focused on man. Greeks created art that focused on themselves and their glorification, unlike others that focused their art on realities such as when hunters would pain depictions of the animals that they hunted. Greek art was created based more on their ideals minimal of realities or true to natural form. Because of their way of thinking they would only create art that made life seem perfect.

31. The three major periods of ancient Greek were Archaic Period, Classical Period, Hellenistic Period.

32. Briefly gice one characteristic of each period of Greek art that is different from the other two.

Archaic period: art sculptured athletic, lively and muscular males along with robust women. During this period they focused more on realistic and was less focused on pride. Classical period:

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