Ancient Greece Essay

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Outline of Ancient Greece Paper 1. Introduction to Ancient Greece * What is ancient Greece? * How long did Ancient Greece last? * How did Ancient Greece impact western civilization? 2. Archaic period * Duration of the Archaic period * Characteristics of the Archaic period * Impact of the Archaic period on Greece’s culture 3. Classical Greece * Duration of the Classical period * Characteristics of the Classical period * Impact of the Classical period on Greece’s culture 4. Hellenistic Greece * Duration of the Hellenistic period * Characteristics of the Hellenistic period * Impact of the Hellenistic period on Greece’s culture 5. Roman Greece * Transition to Roman Greece …show more content…
Basically, it was a period of time during which the structure of many of the Greek city states began developing and taking a shape that we know from books and movies. At this time, the economy, politics, and culture of Greece began to emerge as well in form of city state interrelations, theater, drama, as well as settling of new areas and towns.
Classical period in Ancient Greece
The classical period in ancient Greece lasted for about two hundred years. This period greatly influenced western civilization thru its impact on the Roman Empire and the rest of the world.
The characteristics of this time include huge improvements in political, social, economic, and educational development in the western world as it existed at that time. Much of modern literature, politics, and other social and economic aspects were created during this time by famous thinkers.
In addition to cultural developments, this part of Greek history was also marked by wars against the Persians, wars between Greek cities resulting in fall of Sparta, and the raise of the Macedon’s which eventually resulted in the rise of Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was a great leader who during his life conquered much of the known world.
Hellenistic Greece
This period in Greek history lasted for about 200 years and is considered post Alexander the Great. During this time several Greek lands were taken over by Rome and the centers of Greek culture moved from Athens to

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