Ancient Civilizations And Its Impact On The World Essay

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Ancient Mayans Civilizations history has shaped Central America and influenced the world by the study of their hieroglyphic scripts, calendar, mathematics and art of the remains of this distinct culture. Today, their civilization is still influencing the world from new facts and information arising from these ancient sites about how they built there towns, trade networks, and the structure of their social and economic power for each site. Most Mayan sites were structured by royalty rule and run as a hierarchy where the elite dictated to the commoners how to build in terms of architecture and urban planning, trade, and the social and economic power they held. However, not much has been known about the commoners in these Ancient Mayan Civilizations due to the lack of evidence in hieroglyphic script and remains detailing their lives. Yet, there is one site in El Salvador that has offered abundant physical evidence of the Mayan commoners from a unique site in Cerén. Payson Sheets found this site in 1976 due to a governmental agricultural project where a bulldozer uncovered this uniquely preserved and ancient site. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the site of El Cerén in terms of the environment, preservation, architecture and urban planning, trade, social and economic power structure to show the social independence the commoners living at this site experienced. This paper will take into account the environment of Cerén that allowed the quite different architecture and…

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