Essay on Analyzing The Contextual Aspect Of Any Article

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When analyzing the contextual aspect of any article, I start by identifying the author. For the specific article at hand “If Republicans Cared about Families, They’d Stop Blocking Paid Leave” id analyze Ellen Bravo. Ellen Bravo is the director of Family Values @ Work and a life-long activist. Family Values @ Work promotes a network of state coalitions working for family friendly policies. According to the Family Values at Work website, the coalition works with 21 states to provide family friendly work environments. The Family Values at Work coalition attempts to close the gap of individuals jeopardizing their jobs because of health related problems concerning them themselves, or family members. The coalition bases their arguments on the fact that work environments must meet the standards and the needs of families. In doing so the United States would be a healthier nation and the issue of jeopardizing jobs for public health concerns would diminish. Bravo’s activism and familial friendly policy background clearly demonstrates her interest in the issues that surround familial rights, values and opportunities given by the government. She seems very well grounded and educated on family friendly policies and works with one of the main coalition organizations that helped pass the Family and Medical Leave Act in 1993.
Bravo was featured on the New Republic website on September 23, 2015. From her article “If Republicans Cared about Families, They’d Stop Blocking Paid Leave” it is…

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