Analyzing The Article ' Microagressions On Parent Teacher Relationships ' And Write Down A Big Idea

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Summarize the article “Microagressions in Parent-Teacher Relationships” AND write down a big idea that really stands out to you as you read the article. What will you do with this information? This should include a summary paragraph and a “big idea” paragraph, minimum. This quote is express my Big Idea: “ In culturally responsive communication, both sides do not need to agree with each other on every point, but they are both committed to engaging in a dialogue that values different perspectives and builds a positive interpersonal; relationship” p.64

Reading this article, I tried to imagine myself in the place of each of the participants of the dialogue. As a teacher, I was thinking how to explain to a parent the benefits of play dates in child development, and how it is important to teach a child to make an independent choice and ability to share with other kids. At the same time, I understood the mother 's reaction. She is worry about a healthy relationship between her children at home more than about time to play with kids at school. Trying to build a true partnership with parents every educator must be assumed, and observe the reaction of parents.
I really liked the advices given by the author, which refer to an example of microaggression, given in article, and also can be used in any conversation at all. These tips are appropriate and I hope to use them in the practice of communication with parents:
• Active listening,
• Open-ended questions,
• Acknowledge…

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