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Situational Analysis
Strengths As it has become increasingly clear there is a new, exciting, and booming market for Tablets with over 4 million units1 purchased and more selling everyday. Research in Motion has long dominated the business world and is widely known for their innovating product, which has now sold over 60 million units worldwide, the BlackBerry. Now as an addition build upon the BlackBerry a new product the Playbook tablet is set to hit stores in early 20112 in an attempt to catch on to the tablet phenomenon. As this new market of tablets has competitors lining up to release their own versions of the tablet RIM is facing growing concerns of impeding competition in their steady enterprise market. They are faced with the
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It features two HD cameras one on the front that is 3 megapixels and one on the back that is 5 megapixels5. This will allow for video conferencing and video phoning when tethered to a BlackBerry. In addition to function advantages are the USB port and an HDMI micro-port6 they will allow the Playbook to easily connect to projectors, computers and other commonly used electronics. What RIM is really banking on as a main advantage point for entering into a commercial market is the fact that the Playbook with be able to read Adobe FLASH files, something that Apple has stood against for quit some time. Being able to read FLASH files means that the Playbook can side step the need for a numerous number of apps as their functions could simply be streamed from the actual website. For example one does not need a YouTube app if it is possible to actual go to the YouTube website7. The Playbook will also have naïve apps, allowing it to be a stand-alone device, and to display any apps from a BlackBerry. As for game and entertainment apps it features OpenGL, which allows for high quality graphics8.


Weaknesses Although the above strengths make the Playbook sound very promising it does have numerous weaknesses as well. The biggest issue is the lead in the tablet market that Apple has with

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