Essay on Analysis of Helen Simpson's Homework

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Wishful Thinking “Let’s have the mum leaving the dad for a change” (Simpson 772). This line in Helen Simpson’s “Homework” is where the real story begins. In this story, a mother helps her son, George, write a paper for his English teacher, Mr. Mottram. The paper is supposed to be about a life changing event, and George does not know what to write about. The mother convinces George to write a fictional story about his parents’ divorce, despite the fact that they are still married. What the mother describes for George’s essay seems to be her dream life. She also seems to realize that it is just that, a dream, because she loves being a mother too. In the beginning of the story, George’s mom seems to enjoy being a “work from home” mother …show more content…
She wants them to be a little bit miserable, even though she is giving the mother in the story a fun life. When she describes what the mother is doing after the divorce, it seems a bit wishful. She has the mother go around the world. She goes to Peru, Thailand and Australia. She even adds in little tidbits of what she would be doing while she is in those countries. She would go bungee jumping, backpacking or eating new foods. With how much detail she puts into these

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