Essay Analysis : ' The Odyssey '

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Odyssey essay

Adam O’Connor
Mrs. Tew
Adv. English

To be a hero means that he or she will go immeasurable lengths not for himself, but for the people around them. Heroes are never selfish or uncaring. They get to help those in need. One must have also gone on an entire hero’s adventure to be considered one. He must start off naïve and inept and through his challenges, he will become someone known as a hero. Most importantly, a hero is not perfect. He must hear other’s ideas and recognize them. However, in The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus disrespects his crew men and the gods’ advice, lets hubris impede with his men’s lives, and is traitorous to his wife Penelope.
Odysseus’s revenge towards the suitors, whose only crime was that of theft, was excessively cruel, after all, a hero must be able to forgive. It has been twenty years and nobody on Ithaka has seen, or even heard from Odysseus. Therefore, it would have been quite normal and believable to pronounce him to be dead. “He has been gone for nearly twenty years.” The people of Ithaka had all truly believed that Odysseus, has in fact, really died. Thus, how can one not move on and do what suits oneself best? Odysseus had no right to kill those suitors before comprehending each and every one of their stories. A hero is one that is…

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