Analysis : ' The Odyssey ' Essay

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HUM1: Demeter in the Hymn to Demeter is More Closely Resemble to Penelope in The Odyssey than Calypso

In The Odyssey, Calypso resembles herself as Demeter, the goddess in Hymn to Demeter. However, Penelope in The Odyssey is more closely resembled to Demeter. Penelope and Demeter share one thing in common. When Demeter and Penelope struggle to fight with authority or pressure for their loved ones, Persephone and Odysseus, Persephone and Odysseus also suffered simultaneously when Demeter and Penelope struggle with higher power. This strong and positive correlation, one struggle and one suffer, is what Demeter and Penelope have in common. Demeter is more closely resembled as Penelope than Calypso in The Odyssey because struggling of Demeter and Penelope has positive correlation with the misery Odysseus and Persephone suffered.
The relationship between the minimal effort Calypso makes to keep Odysseus and the happiness Odysseus shows when he heard he can leave Calypso does not exhibit neither strong nor positive correlation between them. When Hermes, the messenger of Zeus, goes to Calypso’s cave to send Calypso a message, Calypso welcomes the messenger and says, “tell me what’s on your mind. I’m eager to do it, /whatever I can do … Whatever I can be done” (Od, V, 101-102). Calypso shows a sign of obedience towards Zeus. What she says directly suggest that, giving up Odysseus is something she can do. Hermes tells Calypso that Zeus has ordered Calypso to release Odysseus,…

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