Crisis Management Research Paper

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The Candle of Surprises
Surprises – things that happen unexpectedly or without warning. One of the keys to crisis management is to have a plan about how to manage the dilemma; this gives you a measure of control over the situation. But when a surprise comes along you may be caught off guard and suddenly your plan is useless. It can be disconcerting to quickly have to change your plans and can make you feel disheartened too, but don’t let it.
Now, we all know that surprises will happen right? In a crisis management situation you can almost be sure that once the crisis is over you will have experienced a few unexpected events along the way. Therefore we should learn to expect the unexpected! How do we do this? By analyzing the problem correctly
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When the unexpected happens he is painfully surprised and finds himself rushing to try and resolve the new problem. He is unprepared and as a result he is slow to take action. This can create an even worse situation than before. Learn to be a realist when assessing problems and don’t think that just because something is unlikely to occur that it won’t happen.
Anticipating problems is not difficult if you are using your logic and asking the right questions. Ask yourself about all the things that could go wrong – could there be a problem with people or money perhaps? What if someone doesn’t complete an action? Think of the possible practical problems as well – make sure your team has resources and additional resources to work with.
Being able to expect surprises relieves some of the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding crisis management. Once you have a multi-faceted approach that covers possible surprises it is easier to relax and face the problems at hand. A good crisis manager understands the complex and unpredictable nature of crisis and acts accordingly. He is flexible when he makes his plans and allows room for surprise occurrences.
Let us look at an example about anticipating
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Sometimes we may find that while we expected the worst, good things actually happened. Crisis causes change and opens the doors of possibility for us so there may be occasions where we have positive surprises. These might include discovering a skill or meeting new people. While we should always be positive and expect good things to happen we must still be realistic about the nature of crisis and plan for negative surprises. It’s far better to anticipate the worst paths a crisis may take than to become disheartened when things turn out differently.
Crisis in evitable and while it might be painful and frightening, it is a necessity in life. Without crisis there is no change and we become stagnant and stuck. We cannot always anticipate crisis but what we can do, as successful crisis managers, is plan for surprises once we understand the crisis. We need to have different courses of action to follow in the event of one of these surprises occurring during our resolution attempts. We should not be disappointed when this happens but we should embrace it because it is part of the crisis process. A good crisis manager keeps his mind open and his plans flexible to accommodate the surprises of crisis.
Allow the candle of surprises to show you that crisis may take different paths and that within those paths may be surprises. While they may be good or bad, make

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