Analysis: The American Dream Can Be Accomplished By Anyone

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The American Dream Can Be Accomplished by Anyone

Do you ever think to yourself on a particular day when you 're bored, on why are some people more successful than others when they don 't deserve it? Two words differentiate those people and those are ambition and laziness. The American Dream is about having a good stable career,job,income to support a potential family or just live life. It’s not about being a A-list actor or celebrity but to do what some of our parents couldn’t; that 's to expand our education to further our opportunities. At my cousin 's birthday party at shakey’s, my uncles were talking in retrospect about how 19-18 years prior to now, how much their lives changed due to their American Dream coming true due to sacrifice
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Perhaps his teacher took the day to day job as any other regular job but it’s not because you have the next generation of doctors,athletes,lawyers and many more possibilities in the palm of your hand, but Mr.Bennett handled the situation with class for his age; he then reads his acceptance letter to show that anyone can achieve success to his fellow peers in his classroom. Mr.Bennett 's past did not hold him back despite him being bullied in grade school for many years, that usually leaves people in agony for the rest of their lives & angry. That being said bullies tend to create new bullies because realistically a bully is usually picking on others to hide pain or insecurity. Ari Bennett later went on to get both a Bachelor 's Degree & a Master’s Degree not even counting the amounts of credentials he had to get but this was a kid who was told that he probably won’t succeed in life, coming from a troubled past but that didn’t stop him he worked for his American Dream. Barack Obama tells us that when you 're in politics as a minority having a lot of power can be very unorthodox to many people in the United States in his Speech “Keynote Address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention”(Obama 78). “Tonight is a particular honor for because let 's

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