Jealousy In Shakespeare's Othello

Throughout the act of Othello in William Shakespeare I think Othello did not love Desdemona he was only grieving for her, and he also did want to see he with no one else. From my understanding in this play jealousy played a big role in Othello’s wisdom. When you truly loves a person you are blind about everything else, so even when Iago told Othello that Desdemona was cheating he would out kept denying it every time the situation comes up. In this research paper I will discuss who Othello did not love Desdemona because his jealousy for her was too much.
To begin with, being in love with someone means that every second of the day that’s the only person you think about and want them to be around you. When a person is truly in love with their
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Or probably she knew she could change his mine and she also knew if she escape the situation would have probably got much worst. The relationship between Desdemona and Othello is a complicated one. Although they were both in love with each other, I think the love was deeper to Desdemona then Othello due to Othello’s jealousy.
Othello seemed to be missing the confidence and trust of marriage, while Desdemona was true to her love to the end. Throughout the beginning of the play, Othello 's love for Desdemona seems to be strong and true. But after Iago basically betrayed Othello, his love for Desdemona was easily put to the test. I do not believe true love could be put to the test that easily. Othello didn’t not fight hard enough he believed everything Iago told him then he expected to get the same exact answers from Desdemona.
Othello founded no satisfactory in Desdemona’s denying this questions. Towards the end of the play there was no trust, no communication, and no understanding. So to me in the play love is showing that both sides of a relationship have to be equal. One person can’t over love someone else that’s where jealousy is going to play a role. Jealousy is love and hate at the same time so you will be jealous of any thing your significant other do but u still love him or

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