Analysis Of ' Where He Was Memories Of My Father ' Essay

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Alcoholic person can cause so many problems in the family. In “Where He Was: Memories of My Father” written by Raymond Carver is a story which narrates the life of his family and how his dad was an alcoholic which was causing issues in the family. Carver talks about all of the constant struggles that his family went through just because of his father’s lifestyle, and how that affected on him. He also explores the theme of father-son relationships. While Carver looks up to his father (especially when his father made comebacks in life), he also wants to learn from his father’s many mistakes. In “The American Family” written by Stephanie Coontz also discusses how to cope up with family problems. She argues that families will benefit if problems are acknowledge openly to other family members. Also, she discusses how social institution can help grow the family in a better way and try to solve each family’s problems. In every family high expectation, men’s involvement, and support from different institution is very important to cope up with family problems.
Coontz shows how wives are having high expectations than before which leads to lower divorce rates than before. But this was not happening with the Carver family. Carver’s parents were having much difficulty in their marriage because back in days women did not had that much control over their men and all this was effective to Carver. Carver mentions: “I can recall what happened one night when my dad came home late to find that…

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