Plumber Sees Foot Floating Essay

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Plumber Sees Foot Floating


When a Plumber Sees a Foot Floating on a Lake, He Fears the Worst. Then, He Sees The Baby's Toes and Becomes a Hero.


The plumber was just wading in the lake when he felt something brush against his leg. He was relaxing on his vacation with his family and did not think much about it. Then, he kicked the spot and saw a foot floating in the water. When he saw that it was a baby's toes, he realized the horrifying truth.


Julian was a 34-year-old plumber in Colorado. He worked long hours, so he was excited when he finally saved up enough money to take his family to the local lake for a vacation. Unfortunately, his happy holiday quickly turned took a terrifying turn. While Julian
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When they went to the beach that day, the twins had been having stomach problems and had needed the parents' entire attention. In the middle of the chaos, the mother and father had lost track of Sarah for one moment. As a father himself, Julian knew just how easy it was for a child to walk off in a moment. Sarah's mother was convinced that she was a bad parent, but Julian tried to calm her down.

- Insert a picture of Julian and Sarah embracing at the hospital.

Luckily, this story had a happy ending. Sarah managed to make a complete recovery. To prevent other children from going through the same thing, Julian used some of his jackpot money to buy flotation devices, life vests and other safeguards for the lake. In addition, he decided to start an indoor pool with his family so that children could learn how to swim. His goal was to make sure that no family had to ever go through the same terrifying experience again.


While Julian Cervantes was one of the biggest winners, more than 1,531 players have won since the promotion started last month. Since the casino has already given away $2,191,843 through the free promotion, the giveaway is expected to end

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