Analysis Of ' What The Hell Happened? Essay

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“Well, not officially,” Tom finally said.

Both Melody and Tom looked at Luke with the same confused puppy expression. Melody’s pain concealment was helping keep her head in the game and she recovered from the surprise more quickly. Tom, on the other hand, was now looking between her and Luke like a ping pong match.

Luke’s smile dimmed when he noticed the looks on their faces, and faded even more when he noticed her favoring her right ankle. “What the hell happened?” She decided she would leave Tom to explain their tardiness and her injury, and instead focus on sliding off her shoe. Blessedly it was unharmed in her literal run in with her new boss, and she found herself thankful for the little things. If you can call a $1,000 pair of shoes a little thing.

Luke frowned and pulled Tom in as he whispered, “Please tell me this isn’t your fault. We can’t afford to replace another assistant. She’s the best at the agency. Do you know know what kind of strings I had to pull to get her on such short notice?”

Windsor was not wrong about her being the best. Despite being the newest on their roster, she’d worked her way through the absolute worst celebrities with glowing reviews from all who employed her. Melody had a way with people that had proved vital in her career. She was simply the best at her job.

Tom ran hand across the back of his neck uncomfortably.

Interesting, she thought. Melody tended to her ankle and pretended she wasn’t listening to Tom and Luke whisper-hissing…

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