Analysis Of Well Pan's Labyrinth

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"Touche." We both laugh as the playlist loads. 'Fall for You ' by Secondhand Serenade starts playing through the speakers, I do a happy dance in my seat.

"Wha-" Ash starts but I reach over and hit him in the chest.

"No. Sh." Then I start belting out the lyrics like my life depended on it. I can feel Ash 's eyes on me so I calm down a bit but still continue singing.

By the time the song ends, we 're a couple lights away from Jake 's. That stupid, over-played, new Adele song comes on.

"Next." The song skips and I hear Ash tsk at me. "Oh god don 't tell me that you 're corrupted too."

"Have you ever even listened to it?"


"Then try. Previous." The song starts playing and I slowly start dying.

"This is stupid." Ash puts his hand
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I see." He thinks for a minute. "I think I can work it into my schedule."

"Wait, what? Seriously?" I look at him completely surprised. "You haven 't even seen my work. For all you know I suck."

"I have seen your work Ms. Gore Princess and even if I hadn 't I can 't pass down the chance to teach someone."

"Gore Princess?" Ash jumps in.

"It my instagram page." I respond.


"Anyway, I 'll have Ash let you know when I have some time, okay?"

"If he doesn 't flee the scene." Me and Jake laugh. "I should probably take him back to his hotel now. And by the way that whole phone call thing this morning was a joke."

"I know. I was just fucking with him." He winks as I turn and start walking towards the door.

"Lets go I guess." Ash says quietly. We walk out together and the drive is quiet until two block away from his hotel. We 're stopped at a red light when Ash breaks the silence. He says something but I couldn 't hear him.

"Please look at me. I 'm half-deaf." He turns his head. His eyes are slightly red.

"I 'm not going to leave."

"W-What? What are you talking about?"

"You say that as if I was going to really

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