War Room Prayer Is A Powerful Weapon Essay

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Betrayed, dishonesty, hurt and deceived. How was she going to fix him? How could things possibly go back to the way they were if the fixing didn’t involve her doing? In “War Room, Prayer Is a Powerful Weapon” by Chris Fabry, Elizabeth Jordan, a Realestate agent, sees and feels her marriage falling apart. After all she’s tried, she then makes a decision to take Godly advice from a client of hers, named Miss Clara. My intention for this paper is to provide understanding and reasoning of this piece through my gestures and the context that I perform.

In “War Room, Prayer Is a Powerful Weapon” a third-person narrator is speaking. This narrator portrays limited omniscience, because they reveal in detail the thoughts and feelings of Elizabeth, but not Miss Clara. Therefore, the narrator is
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The story also does a great job of expressing that you can’t go to God with certain problems and expect him to fix them right away. It’s a process of actually making the decision to make God the head of your life and constantly praying to him so he can see how sincere and willing your love is for him. The events in the narrator’s life are triggered as she tells the story of her accusations of her husband’s lies and her assumptions of him cheating to the group of women in the marriage counseling session. Therefore, these triggered events make the plot casual because it happened due to proceeding events. If the narrator wasn’t having issues with her husband, she would not be as close to God, and she would definitely not be sitting in a marriage counseling session with other women of similar

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