Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's Poem ' O Captain ' Essay

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A patriotic person consists of many characteristics and feelings that Walt Whitman had and felt for America. Whitman shows his love for Lincoln and how his poetry allows him to live on as shown in this quote, “He remains alive in history not only through his epic poetry of self, but through the death of the president whose greatness he would both identify with and envy.”(Hockman,145) This quote shows how Walt lives on from his astonishing poetry and for his love of America. Walt 's poems are analyzed and taught to many Americans in schools every day. When Walt 's story is told and his poems are shared this allows his legacy to live on. When talking about Walt, Abraham Lincoln often appears in the conversation because Whitman admired and envied what Abraham’s goal was. These two both wanted a common goal which was, wanting America to become its best and only get better. If both were alive, they would be happy people to see how advanced America has become. In the poem “O Captain! My Captain!” Whitman pays a tribute to his role model with a poem to show his gratitude and true feelings for Lincoln. 15“Here captain! Dear father, this arm beneath your head… You’ve fallen cold and dead.”(Whitman, O captain!) In this quote, Whitman shows the death of Abraham in poetry form to show how much of a part Lincoln is in Whitman 's life. This part of the quote “This arm beneath your head” represents how Whitman carries Abraham physically, mentally and how he will never be forgotten. If he…

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