Imperialism The Highest Stage Of Capitalism Analysis

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Globalization is the affair of international relations and associations emerging from the exchange of values, beliefs, ideologies, products, and other features of culture. The importance of understanding globalization in the 21st century is vital to all students due to the fact that this process has shaped the world and the international economy. This is exemplified in Vladimir Lenin’s essay “Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism”. His essay explains the purpose of economic resources measured in terms of money in producing profits from imperialism, as the main goal of the elite’s expansion to establish substantial financial gain. Furthermore, capitalist countries have succeeded by exploitation colonialism and capitalizing on developing …show more content…
Globalization affected the spread of new ideas and concepts of government through the colonization of nations; moreover, the spread of liberalism and capitalism grew significantly over Western states and non-Western states. The American economy and elite presenting how they benefited greatly from a capitalist economy and how they deteriorated significantly during the recession portrayed it. This promotion of the “American dream” is false advertising for the proletariat to promote hard work and earn money with that hard work; however, through a capitalistic economy the rich get richer and the working class get affected negatively the most. Lenin would portray Trump as the representative of the “American dream” by making millions by exploiting the working class and destroying the class system, Trump represents the elite bourgeois and his workers at the Trump tower, the proletariat. Being the president of one of the greatest superpowers of the world, Trump has the ability to push and persuade the economy and he will do what will help his businesses the most. This epitomizes Lenin’s theory of the bourgeoisie being able to control and influence economic situations and advance from the suffering of

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