Analysis Of Urinetown And Memory Of Water

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Either You’re in Town or Remembering Water
Urinetown, while a humorous musical, is about more than being whimiscal. It shines a light on the depleting resource that is water; “But too bad the water that we share could fit inside a cup!” (Kotis and Hollmann 52). The conceptual minds of Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann, authors of Urinetown, align with Emmi Itaranta, author of Memory of Water. Their ideals concerning water contribute to a common theme exploring the possibilities of a world where water is sparse. Urinetown and Memory of Water are parallel in the sense that they both demonstrate the scarcity of water by pricing, regulating, and enforcing strict consequences of it’s abuse.
What if people had to pay for water? was a question that must have crossed Kotis, Hollmann, and Itaranta’s minds when beginning their works. While the situations that dominated their brains were different, it is present that the views align. The economic downfall is present in both stories. It is seen in Memory of Water through Noria’s friend, Sanja, and her family’s struggle to afford enough water to survive. Sanja asks Noria for her
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They both presented strict consequences for the misuse of water relative to the work; “And we never bother with jail.” (Kotis and Hollmann 11). In Memory of Water, Emmi Itaranta gives the people regulating water more demonic characteristics by allowing them to psychologically tear someone apart before ultimately killing them. The military labeled the person a suspect of water crimes and then hid them off from the rest of the community without warning, causing one to go insane. Itaranta had a maniacal approach in the death by water crime aspect. In Urinetown, Kotis and Hollmann make the people regulating the water seem a bit uneducated when compared to Itaranta’s approach. They simply push one off a building for committing a water

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