Essay on Analysis Of Trifles And ' A Jury Of Her Peers '

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Sheena Wainscott
Introduction to Literature
30 April 2016
Analysis of Trifles and “A Jury of Her Peers” Trifles is a play that was written by Susan Glaspell and “A Jury of her Peers” is a short story that was also written by Susan Glaspell. The main characters are George Henderson, Mr. Peters, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale, and Mr. Hale. This play and short story is about the murder and investigation of a man named John Wright. In this play there are actually two investigations going on. Then men are the actual investigators and they are investigating what happened, but the women are also analyzing the murder and talking among themselves about it. The women comforted Mrs. Wright and talked about the life she had with Mr. Wright. They tried to be sympathetic about the messy kitchen and people going through her belongings. The women also began to collect items that Mrs. Wright would need to take to jail, because she was now in custody for the murder of her husband. She could take whatever she needed, as long if it did not play a part in the murder. While gathering things, they decide to collect a quilt and material for the quilt. One of the women opened the sewing box and found Mrs. Wrights dead pet bird. The women decide to hide this evidence from the men. The men did not find any evidence, but the women did. The strangled bird was somewhat a substitute for children for Mrs. Wright and Mr. Wright killed it. This made Mrs. Wright snap. At the end of the story Mrs. Hale said…

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