Analysis Of ' Trifles And A Doll House ' Essay

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In the plays Trifles and a Doll House the theme of gender equality plays a big part in both plays. Society back then was not fair and most women had to go by their husband commands. These women could not express their selves the way they wanted too so they had to deal with it. Mrs. Wright and Nora similarities between each other are their characteristics in the beginning in they are undetermined, they cannot speak their mind and are basically controlled by their husbands and doing their house duties as a “married woman”. Both husbands really did not care about them, along as their wives and obeyed their husband and the house rules. In the meantime, both women found the strength to take advantage on what they have been holding on to which happens to be being caged in from having freedom, and they acted out on their action by leaving their husbands.
The difference between the two plays are in Trifles Mrs. Wright takes the advantage to kill her husband. Mrs. Wright decides to do this action when she finds out that her bird was killed by her husband. The symbolism bird was only thing to remind her of old life and the freedom she once had. Her husband killed all the joy around her and Mrs. Wright decided to take action, and kill her husband was when her husband removed the bird’s neck. When the investigation started between the other neighbors and the Sheriff. Mrs. Hale says “But, Mrs.Peter---look at it! Look at its neck! It’s all---other side to.” 753. In the result of what…

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