Tony Stark Character Analysis

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“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.”- C. C. Scott
People think Tony Stark is selfish.
Tony Stark knows he’s selfish.
People think Tony Stark is only a playboy that doesn’t even know what love is.
Tony Stark does know what love is. It’s Pepper, it’s always Pepper, and her eyes, her hair, her smile and her whole being.
He knows the media lie. Pepper knows it too.
(“Did Tony Stark cheat on his girlfriend again?” they write)
She laughs, and says she knows he didn’t and really stop apologizing idiot I know you didn’t.
He knows the Avengers wonder. He wonders too.
(“How did he get her?” they whisper “She’s too good for him.”)
He asks himself that
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Tony Stark thinks about Virginia Potts a lot.
She’s getting sassier, surer of herself, ready to say to his face exactly what she thinks about him. It’s mostly things he doesn’t want to hear, but he listens anyway.
She’d kill him otherwise.
She keeps on giving advice, too. And she sends away girls. And she comes in bars to fetch him when he’s drunk.
Scowling maybe, but she does it without anyone asking anyway.
He decides she’s changing because they’re becoming friends. He changes too.
Well, he just shares parts of himself she didn’t know before with her. But it’s more than most of the girls can say. Or most of the world’s population.
He knows by the looks in her eyes that are those moments they share that make it worth it. So he never has to see a paper saying she’s quitting on his desk, and he’s grateful for that.
As long as he never has to see it, he can keep sharing things with her. She’s one of the few friends he has.
(He has too many fake friends hanging around, but they’re not worth it.)
It’s after one of these moments, and he’s drinking and she’s watching the sun and the sky from the window and her hair is burning in the light like a beautiful flame. In that moment she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and he ponders about what sleeping with her would be
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Tony Stark is not used to love. All he wants from girls is sex and nothing more and surely not a relationship made to last.
No matter how much he cares about Pepper as a friend he doesn’t want to love her, because he doesn’t need love and she doesn’t need him.
It doesn’t change the fact that his heart flutters when she smiles and he’s so stupidly happy just when she’s near.
He hates that with a burning passion, and just wants it to go away. There’s no space for that kind of feeling in his life, and Tony just doesn’t like feeling so uncomfortable.
He wonders if she knows just how much he’s starting to like her, because sometimes she’s so obvious and sometimes it feels like she’s not.
He hopes she doesn’t.
Maybe he should try to start something with her, whispers a voice in his head.
(“Shut up” he answers)
So he starts fucking with even more random girls he meets at parties, just to mortify this feelings he doesn’t want.
Tony also pretends it doesn’t sting a little bit when she picks him up in the morning silently, with those cold eyes that mean she’s disappointed or judging or angry.
He wishes she wasn’t any of that and pretends he doesn’t

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